About the Author

Jane Branigan

     I arrived at the Nagle Warren Mansion for tea on a sunny afternoon in April, 2001.  A blizzard came up suddenly and I never really left, although the snow melted three days later. I’m now retired from my position in university administration  and have been working at the bed and breakfast ever since. 

     I do a bit of everything:  pastry chef, innkeeping, decorating, floral work, gardening, writing/research and dish washing….just to name a few.   I fondly refer to my position as “The Naglizer”.  There is plenty of variety and no two days are alike.  Though hours can be long and our busiest times are when the rest of the world is on holiday, the guests are a joy. I would not care to be doing anything else!

     I hope to share some of our experiences here, as well as the rich history of the mansion, Cheyenne and the state of Wyoming.  It’s a wonderful place to live.  People are friendly, life here is easygoing, the air is pristine, wildlife is still abundant, and the scenery is varied and spectacular.  I hope you’ll get a flavor of what a wonderful place this is.

     Aside from all this, I get to live in a mansion…and we’d love to share it with you.

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